Vitalic new video from Disco Boy movie out on Clivage Music
Disco Boy

With the first single from the original soundtrack to the film “Disco Boy” by director Giacomo Abbruzzese (winner of a Silver Bear at the 2023 Berlinale), Vitalic unveils the main theme from the film.

Electronic and progressive, “Disco Boy” reveals its Vitalic-style retro-futurist sound from the get-go. Influenced by the work of Giorgio Moroder (Midnight Express) and Wendy Carlos (A Clockwork Orange), “Disco Boy” is also deeply infused with Vitalic’s now very recognisable trademark sound.

Disco, the undisputed queen of the night, traversing decades and crossing frontiers, remains the producer’s preferred playground. Interpreted in a myriad of different variations throughout his career, Vitalic has continuously deconstructed disco as if to better capture its essence, its inexhaustible energy and its potentially trancelike powers.

“Disco Boy” blossoms very quickly, ever-evolving as we move from stanza to stanza, with “The Rising” version in full bloom as a veritable cosmic odyssey, both spatial and spiritual, strange and dazzling, almost shaman-like.

Haunting, dark and powerful, this clip opens a door you won’t want to close again into the mystical world of Giacomo Abbruzzese’s first feature film, due to be released in France on May 3rd. “Disco Boy” was awarded the Silver Bear at the Berlinales 2023 for its artistic contribution.

Listen to Disco Boy, The Rising (Radio Edit) here: idol-io.link/DiscoBoyTheRising

Watch Disco Boy (The Rising) video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NBPCgXrYzo