Released: 26/05/2023

In May, Brussels-based artist VHINZ releases his first album Belvédère on Clivage Music, bringing together his expertise with instruments and computers, his passion for the electronic sounds that impacted his adolescence and his adoration for powerful films and soundtracks.

Belvédère is a surprisingly rich debut album. Dreamlike and poetic sounds meet both restraint and intensity in this collection of cinematic synth songs and soaring, epic electronica. VHINZ lays himself bare and exposes his dream, expressing his hopes by speaking and singing in French. Somewhere at the crossroads between Moby, Vitalic, Air and Serge Gainsbourg, with a density and atmosphere that are distinctly his own, Belvédère could be seen as VHINZ’s quest for happiness, mellowness and calm, with titles such as A Ciel Ouvert, Elevation and Envole-Moi, while also leaving space for rowdiness and anxiety with Je pense à Toi, Le Passage and Between Flesh and Mind.