Rave Against The System, the new Vitalic single, featuring Kiddy Smile is out!
Rave Against The System

Hot on the heels of Carbonized and 14 AM, Vitalic serves up a third track from his forthcoming album DISSIDÆNCE, this time featuring Kiddy Smile, the French-born prince of voguing and LGBTQI+ icon famous on the house scene. 

With its pounding beat, acid rushes and repeated vocals, Rave Against The System pays homage to that special energy of the early raves and 90s techno nights.

Rave Against The System is an hybrid acid punk song reminding us that gathering and dancing are actual political actions. 

Kiddy Smile harangues the crowd like a preacher and shouts out the urge to dance and live, whoever you are, without any social or sexual barriers.”


The Rave Against The System music video embodies the crazy urge to celebrate all desires and all bodies. 

An illegal party with dystopian accents welcomes a crowd gathering for a last dance. Old, young, trans, cis, POC, all shades of beauty… Here we celebrate the difference of those gorgeous human beings, united in an orgiastic moment.

In an era of limited or even forbidden physical contact, clubs have become pagan places of worship, cradles of the wildest desires. 

The simplest gestures, such as strokes and kisses, suddenly become subversive.