POLTERGEIST “KÄMPFER – Live tracks” EP out now !

Taken from this tour, the Kämpfer Live Tracks EP includes alternative versions taken from KÄMPFER LP and new songs. Recorded while on tour, these  give a taste of what you can expect from the musician on stage.  

His first album Kämpfer, released in July 2022, was a resounding success, warmly and enthusiastically received by both the press and general public! 

After its release, he was the support act for Vitalic during a year of touring, and crowds soon discovered that he was more than capable of playing live and communicating his energy to an audience. 

The musician’s concerts are enveloping, quasi-mystical experiences that now attract crowds from further and further away. Already a promising young producer, Poltergeist confirms his talents on stage, taking risks and proving that he can leave the studio and confidently adapt his music for live shows.

Listen: https://idol-io.ffm.to/kampferlivetracks