Poltergeist is releasing his first single on Clivage Music
Ich Bin Ein Kämpfer

Poltergeist : “Ich Bin Ein Kämpfer”

« I’m a fighter » declares Ari Girard aka Poltergeist. At only 20 years, the fighting spirit publishes his first single extracted from a forthcoming album in June 2022. 

A robotic rhythm, combined with a majestic mixture of guitars, machines and keyboards, on which the crows of the cold wave, the krautrock ghosts or the shadow of Rodolphe Burger are flying on. New Order, Kraftwerk, same fight?

Dark, romantic and dancing, Poltergeist also summons the striking spirit of the Mancunians of Working Men’s Club. “Madchester” are you there?

Listen to Ich Bin Ein Kämpfer: idol-io.link/IchBinEinKaempfer