New EP of John Lord Fonda coming soon

REF // Part 1 DTZ 024
REF // Part 2 DTZ 025

After the release of his album Supersonique, two remixes for MOBY, one for Stereo Heroes on Freaks Me Out and more to come… John Lord Fonda is back with a crazy two parts ep.

Part 1 include a new version of Brunette tattoo (the videoclip is on the way), a dancefloor but melodical techno track, remixed by Worakls, remembering the big years of Border Community. Then we continue with The Sound Of A Melody, some kind of a techno big room version (dixit JLF), after this techno piece comes the version from Le Castle Vania, electric, violent, but so good for electro dancefloor addict !

Then comes the part 2, featuring first What’s Going On ? an incredible basslined techno Banger… For the remix, we got TWR72, doing a vocal and a dub mix, mental and tribal : the dutch boys puts all in, DOPE ! Then comes Traumer, for a big room techno remix, then Commuter with a sweeter techno version, more clubby.

This double EP should satisfy many of you, techno under all is forms !