KOMPROMAT “Le Brigand et Le Prince” EP is out !

Out on November 22nd, “Le Brigand et le Prince” EP is inspired by legendary german band D.A.F.

Das Grab

‘’Ich habe kein Dach, ich habe kein Grab” means “I have no roof, I have no grave.”
The synths are heavy and unsettling, the kicks are nasty, while the tempo is fairly slow and steady. It is like getting punched in the face and still standing. KOMPROMAT questions again our relationship with the world, our bodies, and ownership.

Der Räuber und der Prinz (D.A.F cover)

“We chose to cover a track by D.A.F because Gabi Delgado-Lopez and Robert Görl (aka D.A.F) represent what brings us together musicwise. Vitalic and I listen to very different types of music, and D.A.F is where our two worlds collide.” comments Rebeka Warrior, member of the duo. Driven by a shared desire to use the German language, electro/punk/poetry-shaped KOMPROMAT reclaims a gay hit that has been part of our/their lives.