Karabine « Octobre Rouge » EP first release out

Karabine is a new project from a seasoned French producer, a pseudonym that will allow him to develop music without a specific format, open to any manner of horizons: electronic, techno, IDM, industrial, breaks, ambient… To avoid being catalogued or forced into one style, Karabine aims to create music that freely expresses his passion, often influenced by British techno artists such as Slam, Bicep, Aphex Twin, Luke Slater and Daniel Avery.

Listening to the first 12″, you’ll recognise a certain maturity and in-depth knowledge of his machines’ potential. He mostly uses analogue synths (MiniMoog, Korg MS-20), an Access Virus TI synthesiser, a few Ableton effects and some concrete sounds, metallic recordings that have been deformed and altered, forming the backbone of certain tracks.

Restrained violence, industrial tones, filth-encrusted melodies… The first tracks reveal an impressive intensity and unique personality. This strong selection is destined to be followed by calmer tracks with similarly rich textures. After this first springtime 12″, Karabine already envisages creating enough music to fill an album. This is just the beginning of the story…