Don Turi is releasing his new single Recharging!
Don Turi - Recharging

Don Turi: “Recharging”

The first single from an EP coming in September 2022, Recharging gives a taste of what’s next for Don Turi. Resolutely techno, the track harks back to the first raves of the 1990s.

With its heavy upfront beat, ethereal break and frenetic loops reminiscent of the TB-303’s heyday (a synth revered by the techno community), all the ingredients are there.

Intense and almost mystical, Recharging sounds like the soundtrack to a warehouse party where bodies sweat and minds expand.

Welcome to a land of acid and trance, as dark and blazing as the first free parties.

Listen to Recharging: idol-io.link/Recharging