Cora Novoa ” The Hive Remixes” EP is out !

Ushered in by Vitalic, Spanish DJ and producer Cora Novoa debuted her EP The Hive on Citizen Records in May. The EP is an electro/techno effort of maximum intensity that features both tracks “The Hive” and “Hey.”
Cora Novoa has teamed up with Dima, Djedjotronic, Louisahhh and Karabine for her follow-up 4-track remix EP.

Cora Novoa – Hey (Dima remix)
Vitalic, under his moniker Dima, serves up a wild, powerful, addictive remix: industrial ambiance, tribal rhythms, mental control, and a slogan ringing in the brain. The track rises to fierce acid electro, and then starts descending into minimal calm. Dima propels the track into a new dimension, that of warehouses and raves.

Cora Novoa – Hey (Djedjotronic remix)
French producer enlisted with Boys Noize Records, Djedjotronic injects the track with metronomic beats and overpowering electro synth loops. This version is hard-hitting, cardiac, deep, and about to take over the most daring dancefloors.

Cora Novoa – The Hive (Louisahhh remix)
American DJ Louisahhh produces heavy, industrial, metallic sounds. She builds several sequences and adds howling, begging vocals before turning the track into a whirlwind of noisy sounds that buzz over tenacious rhythms.

Cora Novoa – Hey (Karabine remix) Close to Vitalic and protégé of Citizen Records, Karabine delivers a heavy track that wobbles and grooves while layering new age synths. The listener is taken on a unique
enthralling sound trip. Rhythm and melody play together; the rumbling, stormy track brightens up with sunny spells.