CORA NOVOA “I Swear” EP + Maelstrom remix is out on Citizen Records !

Cora Novoa returns to Citizen Records for this unstoppably powerful new EP that will instantly grip any dark techno lover.

Deeply mental and dark, Cora Novoa reminds us that the strength of a track does not lie in its speed. Stalled at 130 BPM, the 3 inedit tracks lock us into a formidable mental and industrial tunnel. The textures are hard, organic, rough.

I Swear EP is the energy of raves, its big rooms, its forbidden meetings, on-verbal communion on cold and Spartan rhythms which our brain gives itself voluntary prisoner.

Maelstrom invites himself to this pagan mass and honors the electroclash heritage, the dark techno/electroclash marriage is perfect!”