DISSIDÆNCE gatefold format is here!

Vitalic: DISSIDÆNCE Episode 1 & 2

After the collector boxes from DISSIDÆNCE 1 & 2 went sold out, here is the new repress format for Vitalic’s latest LP. Back by popular demand, the 5th album from the famous V is now available at the Bigwax store. You’ll find inside the two vinyls for DISSIDÆNCE, one black, one white, but most of all, you’ll find all the new hits from your favorite artist : the electro-mutant disco “Haute Definition”, perfect bridge between “Voyager” LP and “DISSIDÆNCE”, the techno-punked feeling from “Rave Against the System” and the raging voice from Kiddy Smile, the sweet synthesized ballad “Danse avec moi” and the lyrics performed by the boss himself or even the raving run from “Boomer Ok ”. Don’t sleep on that one!

Buy DISSIDÆNCE Episode 1 & 2 gatefold: https://bigwax.io/products/dissidaence-episode-1-et-2-gatefold