Vitalic - Vitalic “DISSIDÆNCE Episode 2”
Released: 04/03/2022

After the release of DISSIDÆNCE Episode 1, warmly met with both critical and popular success, Vitalic keeps his promise and returns with a second instalment, darker and more techno than the first, and this time with a marked industrial aesthetic – cold and minimal. The composition and production style have a post-cold wave heritage, something that has always been part of the artist’s DNA but is now brandished with renewed pride.

DISSIDÆNCE Episode 2 opens with Sirens, a towering tornado of synths and sweat, followed by Dancing in the Street, The Void and Light is a Train, sparse techno boiled down to its essence – mechanical, cold and alarming. Tempering this hostility are moments of grace and poetry like Marching, Friends & Foes and Winter is Coming, both melodic and melancholic.

A two-pronged project masterfully orchestrated by Vitalic, a strange cosmic voyage of implacable energy.