Released: 01/07/2022

Poltergeist has that strange power of attraction that hold these personalities with their icy and mysterious aura. As soon as Ari Girard (aka Poltergeist) appears, something happens, he catches the light and strikes the spirits.

Kämpfer LP is a ghost story where Poltergeist invites Joy Division, New Order, Talking Heads, The Cure, Can, Kraftwerk, Nine Inch Nails or Jeff Mills for his first album. At the Poltergeist banquet, the crows of cold wave and the barbarians of krautrock, the metallers of indus rock and the freaks of techno meet.

The epicentre is Berlin, the Wall, Lou Reed’s Gotham, the Bowie/Eno trilogy and the toxic nights of underground clubs…

Kämpfer LP, Poltergeist’s first album, reveals its dark and disturbing universe. Marked by a heavy, deep and majestic atmosphere, this project evokes, without ever saying it openly, the climatic urgency, the ineluctable destiny, the human obsession to be first, to leave a trace of its passage and the nightmares which agitate the nocturnal spirits.

Between frenetic synths, bewitching waves and heavy foot, this implacable album marks the beginning of the Poltergeist era.

Scratching synths, dark and heavy universe: we can understand Vitalic’s crush, who decided to sign the project at the first listening on his label Clivage Music